Marwan Khoury Ft. Carol Samaha – Ya Rab

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Very Nice song

mp3: Marwan Khoury ft. Carol Samaha – Ya Rab.mp3


TRANSLATION (from forum Demna)

Enti… Ba3dik helwi w sorti a7la
(you are still lovely and you became even sweater)
Shou hal sodfi ma fi a7la
(isn’t this unexpected meating the sweetest thing that happend)
W albi yshoufik yama esta7la
(and while my heart is looking at you it feels so nice)
Oulili kifik enti?
(tell me- how are you?)

Enta… Ba3dak enta w ma btetghayar
(you are still the same, you haven’t changed)
M7ayarli albi w m7ayar
(you are seducing my heart incerdibly strong)
W ba3dou albak tefl zghayar
(youre heart is still a little child)
Tammenni kifak enta?
(assure me- how are you?)

Mashi netzakkar 3a droub…
(we are remembering our old paths)
w ymarje7na el gharam
(swinged by the passion)
Leish b3edna w keef 2derna nensa hak el a7lam
(why did we become so distant and how colud we forget those dreams?)
Ya leil el ba3dou naterna 3a nfare2 hal iyam…
(one night is still waiting for us, but the days separated us…)
Ya rab tdoum iyamna sawa,
(Oh God, let us to be together again)
w yeb2a 3a toul jame3na el hawa
(and let us stay forever together and in love)
Ya rab tdoum… Ya rab tdoum
(Oh God let us continue, oh God let us continue…)

Ya rab n3eed hal 7ob elli kan,
(Oh God, if we colud return the love that existed)
w a7la bi kteer mnel madi kaman
(and all the most beaytiful things from the past)
Ya rab n3eed… Ya rab n3eed
(Oh God if we could return….)

Bhebbik… Bheb 3younik lamma bte7ki
(I love you…I love youre eyes when they are talking to me)
W keef btersom hak el de7ki
(and the way they are drawing that smile)
Khalli rassik faw2i liebki
(keep youre head high so I would cry)
W mlok hal denyi kella
(you own the whole world)

Bhebbak… Mbare7 enta, lyawm w boukra
(I love you…yesterday, today and tomorrow)
Shta2tellak ma 3endak fekra
(you have no idea how much I miss you)
W sa3b b3omri tsabbe7 zekra
(it hard to have in my life that kind of memory)
Yalli mnel denyi aghla
(that is more precious then the world) (less)

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44 Responses to “Marwan Khoury Ft. Carol Samaha – Ya Rab”

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Such a beautiful song

lagu ni membuatkan kami lagha…kami meyesal mendengarnya…dah2 semua,jangan dengar lagu ni..lagha2..

this is a magic song, i fall in love with words with music, i love carole so much, she have unique & gread voice, she is perfect & her song also as always.

Yes this is such a beautiful song, My favorite right now.

i’m addicted to the song!!!


marwan u r the besssst ever,,love marwannnnn

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! When will it be released on an album. I HAVE to HAVE IT!

i love tis song.
this song is really GREAT and i like it so much. marwan and carol was sooooo cool in this song. well, this is my favorite song

Rotana released it on this album now 🙂



Hey ASSEM right under the arabic words there is the translation 🙂

Hey ASSEM right under the arabic words there is the translation
October 3rd, 2007
Thank u my Sadik!have u got Skype on your computer?

Hey, people, are all arabic people here?Let’s be friends!
Thank u all!!!

youre welcome, I have skype I dont use it though 🙂

Thanks!U r a good person!Where are u from?

🙂 thanks, family from jordan

Looove this song! Great to find the lyrics. Thanks!

afwan, welcome 🙂

thanks for your vedeo

this song is an awsam song i love it i hope that all the singers can make an nice amazing song like that i love it

I think thisis the best song and video in arabic world. Voices are just amazing. Thank you Lebanon, you are a little piece of heaven. LEBANON I LOVE YOU!
Angelo from Palermo

Nice song, I like it so much ..

Oghnia li Aladdin we Jasmine, fi madinat Pariiiiiiiiiiiis 🙂

Very beautiful song! 🙂

what can i say… i love u Masoom

Ya rab n3eed

bravo! the most beautiful arabic song i ever heard in my life. so romantic i love it… and vey meaningful to me.

hi i am so hapy

The lyrics are great thank you sooooo much

one word…

My favourite song, very beautiful voice , i am ready to listen to this song forever

wahhhh…so wonderful…really luv this song…romantic + cute couple…beautiful lyric…

Love Marwan and her they sound great together I am Puerto Rican but I love arabic music is so Romantic I hope I meet a Arabic mn that will love me like the arabic songs so romantic

i like song yaa rab,,from Marwan and Samaha my name :Alfi_forever. [indonesia]

i like song marwan and samaha..Yaa rab….iam from Indonesia…Romantic rahpsody…and sweet..bravo

I’m in the middle of trying to learn arabe and this totally helps. Shukran ❤


I love this song. Do you happen to know where I can find the lyrics in Arabic? Thanks!

Very very good song.
Thanks from Azerbaijan

I like these song so much…


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